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Wellbeing is about how we feel about ourselves, our lives and our place in the community around us. Although there is no one definition of wellbeing, there is increasing awareness of the impact a person’s sense of wellbeing has on their happiness, their physical and mental health and their ability to cope with life’s challenges.

At England Netball we want to promote wellbeing.  Taking part in sport, belonging to a club and having a supportive community around you are all key elements to ensuring wellbeing. We are providing resources to help with understanding the issues and finding assistance for any young person, their parent/carer or anyone with responsibility for the welfare of that person.

Here is a simple guide to how to boost wellbeing:

5 steps to wellbeing

Connect with people – family, friends, neighbours, coaches and fellow netballers. Netball clubs are one of the places where people find people who share an interest. These people can be a support network and become part of an individual’s life, putting time in to them can make life rewarding.

Be active – Play netball, run, walk, exercising makes you feel good and healthier.

Take notice – Be aware of the world around and one’s feelings. Appreciate what matters. Aspire to live in the here and the now. Be curious about things and enjoy the moment.

Keep learning – Try something new, learn about something. Set a challenge and enjoy achieving it.

Give – Do something nice for someone. Thank someone for what they have done. Smile. Be part of a community and value the connections to people around.

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