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What is it?
Netball Now is a simple, straight-forward way to play netball. It’s not a coached session, it’s not a competition led by rules, regulations or scores recorded it is simply a session that you turn up at, pay a small fee and play a game of netball!

Who is it for?
If you’re currently playing and want to play a bit more as it beats the gym; or if you’re looking for a flexible, non-committed way to play netball then Netball Now is for you!

Anyone who is 16 and over can join in with Netball Now. We’ll need you to register at your first session but after that you’re ready to play at a Netball Now session whenever you want to.
You do not have to be an affiliated member to take part, but those that are will usually receive a discount. Please note if you are under 18, we will need your parent/guardian to sign the registration form.

What can I expect?
It’s a simple game of netball and hopefully lots of fun. There will be time for you to warm up before you hit the court and during the session you’ll be able to try various positions on-court and in some cases even have a go at umpiring. At the end of the session we will also give you time to cool down to prevent any aches and pains kicking in!

It is important that you know and appreciate there is no coaching at these sessions. If you do want to be coached you might want to try your local club or a Back to Netball session.

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