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The Under 14 National Club Finals, in association with the British Army, brings together the top 18 teams in the U14 age category from across the country.

The 18 teams consist of the winners and runners-up from the nine regional competitions that take place throughout the season. This competition offers young netballers from all corners of the United Kingdom the opportunity to test themselves against the best of their age group.

2023 Under 14 National Club Finals

The 2023 Under 14 National Club Finals will be held on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 May 2023 at the English Institute of Sport, Sheffield.


2022 Under 14 National Club Finals – Fixtures and Results 

The 2022 Under 14 National Club Finals took place on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 May 2022 at the English Institute of Sport, Sheffield.

In Part One of the competition, Teams are grouped by their finishing place within their region.

Each group contains one winner and two runners up, or vice-versa.

Teams from the same region are split across Groups A-C and Groups D-F.

The Groups and fixtures for part one of the competition are as follows:


Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F
Ryland Poole Kingsway Power Grangetown Swan Eagles
Leeds Athletic Team Matrix AP Saints Bath Cougars Lincoln City CFX
Charnwood Rutland Turnford Oaksway Oldham Chevrons Red Parkside


Time Home Result Away
09:30 Ryland 24-22 Leeds Athletic
09:30 Kingsway Power 20-19 AP Saints
09:30 Swan 25-12 Lincoln City
10:05 Poole 27-10 Team Matrix
10:05 Grangetown 30-15 Bath Cougars
10:05 Eagles 30-12 CFX
10:40 Ryland 21-12 Charnwood Rutland
10:40 Kingsway Power 24-10 Oaksway
10:40 Swan 28-13 Chevrons Red
11:15 Poole 31-13 Turnford
11:15 Grangetown 12-27 Oldham
11:15 Eagles 17-21 Parkside
11:50 Leeds Athletic 27-10 Charnwood Rutland
11:50 AP Saints 21-21 Oaksway
11:50 Lincoln City 22-17 Chevrons Red
12:25 Team Matrix 16-21 Turnford
12:25 Bath Cougars 15-28 Oldham
12:25 CFX 13-27 Parkside

In the second part of the competition, teams are regrouped according to where they placed within their groups (A 1st Place, B 1st Place etc).

The groups and fixtures for the second stage of the competition are as follows:


Group U Group V Group W Group X Group Y Group Z
Ryland Leeds Athletic Charnwood Rutland Oldham Grangetown Bath Cougars
Turnford Team Matrix Poole Lincoln City Chevrons Red Swan
Oaksway Kingsway Power AP Saints CFX Parkside Eagles


Time Home Result Away
13:30 Ryland 9-38 Turnford
13:30 Charnwood Rutland 8-35 Poole
13:30 Grangetown 31-1 Chevrons Red
14:05 Leeds Athletic 20-25 Team Matrix
14:05 Oldham 49-3 Lincoln City
14:05 Bath Cougars 19-26 Swan
14:40 Ryland 19-22 Oaksway
14:40 Charnwood Rutland 7-24 AP Saints
14:40 Grangetown 28-13 Parkside
15:15 Leeds Athletic 11-37 Kingsway Power
15:15 Oldham 28-17 CFX
15:15 Bath Cougars 9-25 Eagles
15:50 Turnford 30-12 Oaksway
15:50 Poole 26-13 AP Saints
15:50 Chevrons Red 19-16 Parkside
16:25 Team Matrix 13-37 Kingsway Power
16:25 Lincoln City 20-17 CFX
16:25 Swan 14-24 Eagles


For the third part of the competition, teams are regrouped according to their placing within their group (U 1st Place, V 1st Place etc).

The groups and fixtures for the third stage of the competition are as follows:


Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6
Turnford Kingsway Power Oaksway Team Matrix Ryland Leeds Athletic
Poole Oldham AP Saints Lincoln City Charnwood Rutland CFX
Grangetown Eagles Chevrons Red Swan Parkside Bath Cougars
Playing for 1-6 Playing for 7-12 Playing for 13-18


Time Home Result Away
09:30 Turnford 19-18 Poole
09:30 Oaksway 21-24 AP Saints
09:30 Ryland 21-11 Charnwood Rutland
10:05 Kingsway Power 35-18 Oldham
10:05 Team Matrix 26-11 Lincoln City
10:05 Leeds Athletic 28-17 CFX
10:40 Turnford 25-11 Grangetown
10:40 Oaksway 23-13 Chevrons Red
10:40 Ryland 19-28 Parkside
11:15 Kingsway Power 22-15 Eagles
11:15 Team Matrix 23-18 Swan
11:15 Leeds Athletic 32-19 Bath Cougars
11:50 Poole 32-20 Grangetown
11:50 AP Saints 27-11 Chevrons Red
11:50 Charnwood Rutland 16-23 Parkside
12:25 Oldham 25-20 Eagles
12:25 Lincoln City 18-25 Swan
12:25 CFX 17-26 Bath Cougars


The final stage of the competition will see teams play for their final placing.


Time Home Result Away
Parkside 28-22 Leeds Athletic
Ryland 18-23 Bath Cougars
Charnwood Rutland 21-23 CFX
AP Saints 12-22 Team Matrix
Oaksway 30-21 Swan
Chevrons Red 21-18 Lincoln City
Poole 20-34 Oldham
Grangetown 18-22 Eagles
Turnford 23-24
(after extra time)
Kingsway Power


Following the Finals weekend, the final standings are as follows:

1st: Kingsway Power

2nd: Turnford

3rd: Oldham

4th: Poole

5th: Eagles

6th: Grangetown

7th: Team Matrix

8th: AP Saints

9th: Oaksway

10th: Swan

11th: Chevrons Red

12th: Lincoln City

13th: Parkside

14th: Leeds Athletic

15th: Bath Cougars

16th: Ryland

17th: CFX

18th: Charnwood Rutland

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