Glossary of Terms

Appropriate Authority The body to which the Board of England Netball has delegated power to administer and make decisions under the Disciplinary Regulations, including County Netball Associations, Regional Management Board and England Netball.
Bullying Offensive, intimidating, malicious or insulting behaviour and/or abuse or misuse of power that is meant to undermine, humiliate or injure the person on the receiving end.
Child Protection in Sport Unit The Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) is a partnership between the NSPCC, Sport England, Sport Northern Ireland and Sport Wales. In Scotland there is a similar partnership between Children 1st and sportscotland.  The Unit was founded in 2001 to work with UK Sports Councils, National Governing Bodies (NGBs), County Sports Partnerships (CSPs) and other organisations to help them minimise the risk of child abuse during sporting.
Children’s Services The local authority children’s social services’ department.
Club As defined in the England Netball Membership Regulations.
Club Safeguarding Officer The person within the club with lead responsibility for safeguarding the young people or adults at risk in their club. – the person appointed by a club to lead on educating and advising the club members on safeguarding matters; ensuring that clubs are safe places for young people or adults at risk to play netball and to be the first point of contact for people needing to use the Reporting a Concern process; to liaise with England Netball‘s Lead Child Protection Officer on all safeguarding matters.
Coach A person who is involved in the direction, development, training or instruction of netball activity.  This is a broad term which describes many different paid and voluntary roles within netball, where necessary a specific definition will be provided.
Competitive play Means play where the outcome of the game has a meaningful outcome level eg progression to the next round of a tournament or league.
Confidentiality Information which has the nature of confidentiality and which has been passed with the intention of creating an obligation of confidentiality It can include information not covered by the Data Protection Act. Confidentiality does not mean not sharing information, particularly when the welfare of a young person is of concern, where the need to know principle will be applied.
Connected Participant Any person, entity or collection of persons, whether a member or non-member, who from time to time participates in the sport in any capacity whether directly or indirectly by way of being a volunteer serving on the England Netball Board; a Regional Management Board; a County Committee or Regional and County Associations’ technical or sub groups. For the avoidance of doubt, the Codes of Conduct and Disciplinary Regulations apply to Connected Participants involved in the sport, including (but not limited to) Non-Executive Directors of England Netball, members of the Regional Management Board and County Association and their technical/sub groups, and other volunteers involved in the sport, regardless of whether they are Members or not.
Document Verifier Person through whom DBS checks are initiated; verifying the identity and documents of an applicant.
Disclosure and Barring Service The government department responsible for processing criminal record checks to assist in making safer recruitment decisions. The Disclosure and Barring Service replaced the Criminal Records Bureau and the Independent Safeguarding Authority. When a person is banned from working with young people or adults at risk by England Netball we are obliged to refer this information to the DBS.
Duty of care The responsibility of any person in charge of young people involved in a club/event, for the safety and wellbeing of those young people or any one of them. The responsibility is to act as a reasonably prudent parent would.
Disclosure 1. The presence of a criminal conviction on a Disclosure and Barring Services certificate. 2. The relating of a safeguarding concern, whether by a third party or a person who has been directly affected.
Harassment Unwanted or offensive conduct directed at a person. It is usually more than one incident.
International Netball Federation The governing body for international netball.
Lead Child Protection Officer The person appointed by England Netball to act as the lead advisor on safeguarding policy, procedures and issues; the liaison point with statutory services and to act in accordance with the Safeguarding Disciplinary Regulations.
Local Authority Designated Officer Person appointed by a local authority to be the point of contact for all safeguarding and child protection issues relating to individuals in a position of trust. They are usually based in the local social services child care team.
Local  Safeguarding Children Board The key statutory body responsible for coordinating the relevant agencies’ cooperation in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in their local authority area. Created under the Children Act 2004, they comprise local authorities, health, police and other agencies. They provide local interagency guidelines for child protection.
Member Means any individual or organisation appointed as a Personal or Group Member in accordance with England Netball’s Articles of Association and the Membership Regulations.
National Governing Body The organisation responsible for developing, progressing and governing netball in England, the All England Netball Association.
Need to know The term used to identify the purpose for which confidential information may be shared with members, connected participants, staff and external agencies, particularly the statutory services.
Position of trust A position of authority or power in a young person’s life. The position usually involves regular contact with a young person.
Protected characteristics The collective term for the groups who have legal protection under the Equalities Act 2010.
Recreational play The casual participation in a non-competitive or competitive game at a local or county level, where the result does not have a consequence on a league, tournament or series of games at a Regional level or above.
Regulated activity The defined activities with young people or adults at risk which triggers who is eligible for an Enhanced and Enhanced with Barred List DBS Check.
Social media Means the range of technologies used to create interactive platforms via which individuals and communities share, create, discuss and modify content. This is a range of social media applications and communities which can be accessed from desktop, laptop or tablet computers to smartphone and mobile phone devices and other internet enabled devices.
Staff Those employed by England Netball whether as permanent staff or those on zero hours contracts (casual workforce).
Wellbeing A person’s state of physical and mental health and resilience.
Young person We use the term young person to mean a person under the age of 18, unless otherwise specified.

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