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England Netball Player Pathway

England Netball Player Pathway

The purpose of the player pathway is to support the development of athletes. The player development journey is an evolutionary process, individual specific and shaped by experiences.

The Player Pathway


Development is:

An evolutionary process
During an individual’s journey, there will be periods of transition, adjustment, failure and success. Re-evaluating this journey along the way, with some reference to what it takes to succeed will allow them to move forward with clear purpose.

Individual specific
There is more than one path for the developing netballer to take with no two journeys ever the same. Therefore, understanding the individual’s holistic development needs is important.

Shaped by experiences
Every interaction we have with an individual provides us with an opportunity to shape their development both on and off court.


England Netball Player Pathway programmes – programme name and role title changes


Under-15 athletes’ selection process leading to the School Games National Finals 2024

  • Each CNA and NSL Team will organise trials and identify 20 athletes for each of the Player Pathway Programmes.
  • Under-15 athletes may trial for and attend any County Player Development Programme in any county, in order to provide choice for parents and athletes.
  • Under-15 athletes must be allowed to screen for and, if successful, have a place within the County Player Development Programme.
  • Exceptional Under-15 Athletes can attend trials and be selected for NSL Teams’ Academy Programme or the NSL Team’s Player Development Programme if their nomination/selection was approved by the County Player Development Lead and the Franchise Pathway Lead of the NSL Team to which the County is assigned.
  • The NSL Teams’ Under-15 Academies can select any age-eligible athletes from any County Player Development Programmes (it could be from a different assigned territory) or any NSL Teams’ player pathway programmes (Under-19 Academy, Under-17 Academy or Player Development programme) who are registered on ENgage as a member of the England Netball Player Pathway Programme by the time when they attend the trials in January.
  • Selected athletes for NSL Teams’ Under-15 Academy stay with their County Player Development Programmes and continue to attend training sessions in both programmes till May 2024.
  • Athletes selected for the NSL Teams’ Under-15 Academies must receive a Player Pathway Programme Offer from the NSL Team who select them within 5 working days of the event at which they were selected (Trials).
  • Athletes have until Sunday 4th February 2024 at 5pm to accept the Player Pathway Programme Offer for the NSL Team’s Under–15 Academy programme.

NSL Teams’ Under-15 Academies select the final 12 athletes competing in the School Games National Finals 2024.

Youth Sport Trust is hosting the School Games National Finals as a multisport event. England Netball use the School Games National Finals as the opportunity to tell the full story of what it takes to be Game ready and celebrate the resilience of our young athletes. Over three days netball competition between NSL Teams’ Under-15 Academy Teams provide an opportunity for England Netball selectors to observe and select additional athletes for the Roses Academy programme.

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