If you are not able to complete the instructions today, please bookmark this webpage

Please request that both of your club admins inform you of your ENA IDs.

If the password has been forgotten, click here to request a password re-set email to be sent.

Please follow these instructions to link your account to your child’s club, so that you can buy their membership through your own account:

• Log into your ENgage account

• Click on the ‘Directory’ button

• Click on the funnel symbol on the right hand-side of the screen

• Select the ‘+’ symbol

• Select ‘Reference’

• Enter the club ID (Please contact the club if you’re unsure what this is)

• Click ‘Apply’

• Select the small circle to the left of the club name

• Click ‘Join’

• Select from individual type dropdown, as appropriate

• Select ‘Save’

Once you have done this, send your child’s club your ENA ID, along with your child’s ENA ID and ask them to link your accounts.

You will then need to contact your child’s club directly to find out how they plan to release the membership packages and when. If the club responds that the packages are not available for public purchase, this means that they will process membership packages and send payment requests directly by email.


However, if the club responds that the packages are available for public purchase, please follow these instructions:

• Log into your Engage account

• Select the ‘Buy membership at {your child’s netball club}’ button

• Select your child’s name

• Click the ‘U11/U14/U18 membership package’

• Select ‘Checkout’

• Click the circle next to the wanted payment method

• Select ‘Pay now’

• Enter your payment details

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