Reviewing your club’s current Membership Schemes

First, please ask your club Secretary* to follow these steps to view your club’s membership schemes.

  1. Log into England Netball’s online portal, ENgage
  2. In the My Organisations box, select the thumbnail next to your club’s name
  3. Click on the 3×3 grid of squares in the top left corner of the screen
  4. Select the Finance tile
  5. On the left-hand side menu, select Membership Schemes
  6. To view a membership scheme, click its title (under the Name column)

*Alternatively, your club’s Chairperson, Vice Chairperson or Treasurer. Please make sure you have been assigned the correct role in England Netball’s online portal, ENgage, before proceeding.

Understanding your membership schemes 

There are two things to review.

  1. Your club fee, and how you collect your club fee
  2. Whether your schemes are available for public purchase or are private

Please read on to find out how.

1.1 Club fees 

All membership schemes have four product lines – these consist of an NGB fee, a region fee, a county fee and a club fee (even if these are of zero value). The NGB, region and county fees can be found in the Package box. The club fee can be found in the Prices box, directly under 2023-2024.

1.2 How you collect your club fees 

The majority of clubs choose not to collect club fees via ENgage, but those that do, have the option to collect this fee in one upfront payment or via instalments. The Instalment box indicates the number of payments you have opted to collect, along with the payment term.

1.3 Understanding the Instalment box  

The figure in No of Payments is the number of instalments. If you have chosen to collect your total club fee in one instalment, no other fields will be present in the Instalment box. However, if you have chosen to collect your fees in two or more instalments, the following fields will show:

Allow Single Payment allows players to pay upfront if Yes.

-The Payment Term field allows you to choose to split club fees evenly across the remaining payment term (i.e. ProRata) or for missed payments be added to the first instalment (Rollup).

First Payment (£) is exactly that.

-Your Payment Plan will self-generate based on the Instalments field entries.

2. Whether your schemes are public or private

You have a choice about how players access your club’s membership schemes. You can make them publicly available or keep them private. Please note that if your membership schemes are private, players won’t be able to buy them on a self-serve basis and you will need to raise orders and send them to selected players.

To determine if your schemes are available publicly, look for the Available for Public Purchase field in the Membership Options box. If Yes, your schemes are public. If No, your schemes are private.

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