Fundamental to protecting young people in sport is the need to carry out appropriate risk assessments when recruiting personnel, whether staff or volunteers. The law enables enhanced Barred List checks on all those in regulated activity and you will find guidance as to who can have a check and how to do that.

It is England Netball policy that all those in regulated activity must have a DBS check done with our umbrella company, Online Disclosures, every 3 years.

DBS Certificates

Important – keep them securely

The information contained within your DBS certificate is confidential and you must keep it secure and protect it from loss or unauthorised access. Your certificate must only be used in accordance with the Disclosure and Barring Service’s Code of Practice and any other guidance issued by the DBS. Particular attention must be given to the guidance in the fair use of the information in respect of those whose Certificate reveals a disclosure or similar information.

DBS Guidance

DBS Flow Chart for Self-Employed Coaches

DBS Flow Chart for Volunteers

Club Roles which require Enhanced DBS Check

Application Process for Volunteers Flow Chart

DBS Consent Form for Volunteers

Document Verifiers' Training Pack

Document Verifiers Confidentiality Agreement

Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy

DBS Disclosure & Information Sharing Protocol

Regulated Activity Flow Chart

Types of DBS Checks Explained