C Award Learner Resource Hub

Welcome to the resource hub for your virtual C Award course where your learning can start right now! On this page, you will find additional support and resources to prepare you for your virtual sessions. All of these resources have been placed here to provide you with the best support possible throughout your C Award journey and to equip you for when you get out onto court with your whistle.

Don’t forget, 70% of your learning comes from the experiences you gain from getting out on court and having a go and there are lots of opportunities for you to do that out in leagues and with your counties. This is where you will gain further experience, complete your online written assessment and get ready for your practical assessment to take the final step on this part of your pathway to become a qualified C Award umpire.  

Enjoy the journey, you never know where it might take you! 


Session One

Please ensure you have watched the following video and read through the documents below before you attend session one. These have been placed here to broaden your knowledge base from the minute you sign up to the course.

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Session Two

Please ensure you have watched the following video on Identifying Triggers before you attend session two. You will need to make notes of the main triggers you see which aid the umpires in making the decision to move around the court.

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Post Course

The following additional resources and videos will support you as you begin to practice your umpiring out in the field. Make sure you check back from time to time as new resources will be added.

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