Vision for Volunteering

Netball simply wouldn’t happen without the time, talent and expertise of over 16 000 incredible volunteers at every level of the game. We’ve been conducting research and listening to current and potential volunteers over the last year in order to launch an innovative new volunteering strategy in September 2018.

“By 2021 we will build a movement empowering women and girls through world class volunteer programmes at all levels of netball in England.”

Why we need a new approach:

  • To deepen our understanding of the volunteering network to ensure a clearly defined strategic approach to volunteering in netball.
  • To ensure volunteers can access the right role, in the right place, at the right time bringing skills and talent into the game.
  • To ensure a meaningful and worthwhile volunteering experience in netball.
  • To better understand and more effectively celebrate the incredible achievements of all volunteers who make the game.

The new Sport England Code of Governance was made live in April 2017 and contains important changes to the governance of sport from NGBs to clubs including:

  • Greater transparency, to help fans and those taking part better-understand the decision-making of those leading their sports
  • Reforms to board and committee memberships, including the appointment of independent members
  • Commitments to greater diversity
  • Tighter term limits for board and committee members to ensure a regular renewal of ideas and expertise.

We will support committees to self-assess and enhance their governance through the provision of tools and guidance co-produced with volunteers to ensure world class leadership of the game at every level.