Creating membership packages

This step-by-step guidance will help you create membership packages for your club (including club fees*) ready for you to raise orders and send to selected players 

Before you begin, please note that any changes that you make to your membership schemes in August 2021 for 2021/22 may affect your 2020/21 membership schemes. If you are ready to take your 2020/21 membership schemes off sale before the end of August 2021, please follow this guidance. Otherwise, to edit your membership schemes for 2021/22, please follow these steps:

Creating membership packages 

  1. Log into England Netball’s online portal, ENgage 
  2. In the My Organisations box, select the thumbnail next to your club’s name 
  3. Click on the 3×3 grid of squares in the top left corner
  4. Click on the Finance tile 
  5. Select Membership Schemes from the menu on the left-hand side  
  6. Click the small circle next to a membership scheme of your choice, followed by Edit 
  7. In the Membership Options box, find Available for Public Purchase and select No from the drop-down list   
  8. In the Prices section, select the pen and paper icon, located directly under the 2021-2022 row 
  9. In the Unit Price field, enter the amount that you wish to charge as club fees* 
  10. Click Save on the pop-up 
  11. Click Save 
  12. Please repeat steps 5-11 for each membership package

Releasing membership packages for sale 

As your membership packages are not available for public purchase, no one will be able to buy a membership with your club until you raise an order for them. You will only be able to do this for players that have joined your club’s mailing list (and can therefore be found in your club’s database within People and Everyone). New players can join your club’s mailing list by following this guidance.

In order to raise membership orders that can be sent directly by email to selected players from your club’s mailing list, please follow this guidance.

Don’t forget to check back to the promotional toolkit in the member-exclusive Care Package if you would like to access sample emails, social posts and more!

*Please note: ENgage transactions are subject to a 1.95% transaction charge, plus 10p for transactions under £10. The amount you enter will be collected by the system but the amount deposited into your club’s bank account will be less the transaction fee.

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