Our favourite time of the week is here once more. It’s Friday afternoon and after last week’s football focus, this week we will look to another sport. It was great to see the interest from the #FIF we shared last Friday and we 100% agree with @Bodmin_Netball.

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All of our May practices can be used as fun team building activities that allow your players to interact and get comfortable with one another without being conscious about their performance as a Netballer. Nerves tend to be running a little high at the start of the season as squads may be being finalised so it’s important that you plan activities that encourage interaction and develop communication between playes.

England Cricket Board Coach Development Manager Martyn Kiel is sharing one of his coaching practices today. Martyn designs and develops courses, workshops and resources for coaches supporting and inspiring players in recreational cricket.  As a coach, Martyn has worked in a variety of environments as well as several different countries including South Africa, Kenya and the United States.  He is currently the Head Coach of Nottinghamshire Women.

Cricket Rounders


  • Players: 14
  • Tennis balls: 1
  • Bats: 1
  • Cones: 2
  • Stumps: 4 sets

Time: 20-30 mins


  • To acquire and develop batting, fielding and communicating skills
  • To select and apply skills and tactics to score more runs when batting by hitting the ball into gaps and running to appropriate bases. To reduce the amount of runs scored when fielding by returning the ball to the bowler quickly (to attempt to aim for stumps vacant)
  • To evaluate and improve performance by observing team members and the opposition when performing in a game situation, also by listening to and following instructions



  • Group are organised as illustrated
  • The coach or teacher acts as the server initially and serves the ball under-arm to player 1 of the batting team who is standing at the crease
  • Player 1 hits the ball and runs to first base or more depending on where the ball has been hit
  • To complete a run a batter has to successfully reach fourth base
  • They the join the back of the line if successful; Batters can be caught out, bowled or run out
  • Once out they must join the back or the line
  • Fielders must attempt to retrieve the ball and throw it to the nearest base fielder where there is a chance of a run out
  • An innings can be a timed innings or until all are out
  • The team with the most runs are deemed winners


  • Increase/decrease the size of the base area
  • Increase/decrease fielders
  • Add another base
  • Use weak hand when fielding
  • Hit off a tee
  • Fielders decide where to field
  • Players to act as servers

Looks like a fun one and easily adapted to netball, to the park we go! Thank you to Martyn for sharing.

Yesterday we saw the start of Netball Europe which is being hosted in Newcastle. England’s first game was today at 1pm against Northern Ireland and we saw the Roses come away with an incredible score line of 83 – 32. To keep up with the action this weekend you can stream the matches live (click here) or, if you want to see them in action and soak up the atmosphere, click here for tickets.

This weekend, we will also see teams from across the country head to Sheffield for Prem play-offs. In case you haven’t already seen March’s Top 10 Tips, the focus is Match Day. Click herefor a quick read. We particularly like Victoria Burgess’ tip for finals day;


Good Luck to all Coaches that have teams competing. Make sure to make the most of the event as a learning experience, following the event reflect on your experience as a coach, what went well, what went better, what would you do differently next time? It is a great opportunity for your development…and don’t forget to have fun!!

We hope the sun is shining wherever you are this weekend, have a good one Netball Coaching Family.

Team Coaching


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