1. What age/group do you coach?
  1. What is your favourite practice to do with this age/group?

I really like small sided games – it’s important to give the players opportunities to develop their skills in pressurised, game-based environments, and small sided games ensure the players get lots of opportunities for movement and interaction with ball.

  1. What are the challenges with this age/group?

I think the main challenges are dealing with low self-esteem and dealing with differing ability levels. The mid-teenage years can be a tough period so I think it’s really important that players can gain confidence and enjoyment through netball. It’s also vital at the U16 age group that the top players are being stretched and improved just as much as the developing players, which can be difficult to achieve in a mixed session.

  1. Tell us about your coaching journey?

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I started off football coaching in Australia as a shoulder injury meant I couldn’t play. I gained my Australian Football Association Level 1 and 2 whilst coaching a men’s team whilst in Australia (I also watched a fair bit of the ANZ netball league while I was there!). I then returned to the UK and started coaching junior football, gaining my FA Level 2 and FA Youth Modules awards. In the meantime I played mixed netball with my wife, and when she started coaching junior netball I decided to do the coaching with her – hopefully using some transferrable skills from football coaching. I haven’t done my netball qualifications yet but it is very much on the to-do list! As I have limited netball experience/knowledge compared to most netball coaches I make sure to watch as much netball as possible, analysing what does and doesn’t work on court. I also ensure research my coaching topics thoroughly – my wife is an excellent coach so I run things past her too.

  1. Any lightbulb/memorable moment in your coaching career so far?

My FA Level 2 tutor was fantastic and gave me a lot of feedback which really changed my coaching style.

  1. What are your aspirations as a coach?

I just want to ensure that the players I coach get as close to their potential as possible and progress to senior netball.

  1. How do you wind down after a tense training session or match?

A beer can be helpful…

  1. What do you do after a big netballing event to treat yourself?

Not one to treat myself.

  1. What advice would you give to people starting out on their coaching journey?

Get as much experience as you can, plan thoroughly and make sure you analyse how things went after the session.

  1. Who’s your coaching inspiration/idol?

Arsene Wenger

  1. Favourite Post-coaching Snack?

I’m not really a snacker!

  1. What is your top tip to share with other coaches?

Speak less! The players just want to play netball, so let them.



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