Embracing motherhood: The NETBALLHer website’s new section for women navigating pregnancy and wellbeing

Today, we are proud to welcome the Netball Family’s incredible mothers, mothers-to-be, and support systems to NETBALLHer’s brand-new Pre and Post-Natal website section. 

The new topic, created with our partners, The Well HQ, is specially designed to support women in navigating their motherhood journey while maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. It is dedicated to providing valuable insights, expert advice, and empowering stories tailored to women at various stages of pregnancy and postpartum recovery. 

By providing this key learning resource for those experiencing and supporting motherhood, we hope to enhance experiences, reduce dropout rates and support women on their pregnancy journeys through – and back to – netball. 

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Below are a few of the key articles you can find in the new Pre and Post-Natal section: 

Weeks 0 – 12 in Return to Exercise 

Embarking on your fitness journey post-pregnancy? Dive into this article to discover a comprehensive guide on safely returning to exercise during the crucial initial weeks. 

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Nutrition in Pregnancy 

Curious about how to balance nutrition during pregnancy? Explore this article to find valuable insights into maintaining a healthy diet that supports both you and your growing baby. 

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Mental Health Through Her Life Stages: Pregnancy and Post-Natal 

Motherhood is a rollercoaster of emotions. Explore this piece to understand the impact of pregnancy and post-natal experiences on mental health and discover strategies for nurturing your wellbeing. 

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Active Pregnancy 101 

Wondering if you should stay active during pregnancy? This guide provides a comprehensive overview of considerations to maintaining an active lifestyle while you’re expecting. 

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Pelvic Floor – Pregnancy and Post-Natal 

Pelvic floor health is crucial for women at every stage of life. Learn about exercises, tips, and expert advice to ensure your pelvic floor remains strong and healthy during and after pregnancy. 

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NETBALLHer’s Pre and Post-Natal section is not just a collection of articles – it’s a supportive community for women embracing the challenges and joys of motherhood while maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. 

We invite you to explore, learn, and share your own experiences as we embark on this empowering journey together! 

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You can delve into other female health topics on our industry-leading NETBALLHer website, including Pelvic Health, Nutrition, Bras and Kit, Injury, and more. Visit the NETBALLHer website here. 

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