Five reasons why you should register for the NETBALLHer Learning Offer

We are one week on from the launch of the NETBALLHer Learning Offer and our first free online module, The Female Body.

Created in partnership with The Well HQ, the NETBALLHer Learning Offer is designed to exclusively empower our Over 18 and Secondary School group members with a comprehensive understanding of female health in netball.

Our inaugural module, The Female Body, provides an insightful introduction to how female netballers need to move, train and play in order to thrive. We also have three more modules launching over the upcoming months related to key life stages: Puberty, Pre & Post Natal and Menopause.

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So far, the response has been fantastic to the NETBALLHer Learning Offer, with over 200 members currently completing The Female Body module and more members signing up daily. You can register for the Female Body module here.

If you haven’t already and are wondering, “why should I register for The Female Body module?”, keep reading for our top five reasons why you should sign up for the NETBALLHer Learning Offer.

One: Knowledge is power

The NETBALLHer Learning Offer provides the perfect opportunity to supercharge your female health knowledge beyond the court. This knowledge can be used to help support your netball-loving kids, elevate your coaching and training programmes to create female-first environments, and level up your own game!

Two: Free learning opportunities don’t come along every day!

To value England Netball Over 18 and Secondary School group members and help support their female health learning, we have made The NETBALLHer Learning Offer, and all associated modules, completely free as part of their 2023-2024 membership.

Three: It’s entirely virtual

We wanted to create a Learning Offer which could easily fit into the schedule of any busy netballer. That meant digital was the way to go. The Female Body module (and all future modules) is completed online and available on all devices.

Four: Dip in and out and on the go

To make this course even more compatible with the typical busy netballer’s lifestyle, you can dip in and out of the NETBALLHer Learning Offer as you go. You can save your progress, leave the site and then return later on without a set completion date. It’s completely flexible to you.

Five: The supporting NETBALLHer Learning Log

Learning is made easier with our NETBALLHer learning logs. For each module, a bespoke learning log is found in the ‘Welcome to the course’ section, which offers reflective tasks – created by The Well HQ – as you progress through the module.

If you want to register for the first module, The Female Body, click here.

Gain more expert female health advice, relatable stories and informative graphics on the NETBALLHer website here.

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