Harry Styles – future England Roses star?

England Netball has seen a spike in interest in the sport after a comment at a movie premiere from One Direction star Harry Styles.

Styles was at the premiere for the Christopher Nolan film Dunkirk in which he makes his acting debut. When asked what he wants to try his hand at next, Styles announced he wanted to become a professional netball player. “It’s a brain game. A tactical game,” he quipped.

England Netball responded by cheekily offering Harry a trial, and Roses Coach Tracey Neville tweeted she would be willing to give him a shot.

Our response received 3.84 times our average impressions and a staggering 21 times our average engagements on Twitter. The cross-over between the Netball Family and Directioners is abundantly clear.

England Netball chief executive Joanna Adams said: “There is a version of netball for every woman and girl and we’re very happy to help Directioners get involved or get back to netball.”

With the Netball World Cup set to take place on home soil in Liverpool in 2019, England Netball is inspired and energised to help young girls and budding movie-stars alike get involved in the sport.

If you want to give netball a go, find your nearest session here.

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