I am a Registered University

 Educational establishments are responsible for procuring their own insurance and are not covered by England Netball’s programme of insurance for liabilityhowever players at a College/University with an active College/University Group Membership are covered for Personal Accident (Category C Silver) by their College / University’s Group Membership during university organised recognised and authorised netball activity. 


If an Educational Establishment would like to play in a tournament and/or event that is exclusive to England Netball registered Netball Clubs (i.e. outside of the National Schools Competition or inter/intra university organised netball), they would need to upgrade their level of cover to include the full programme of insurance (including Category A Gold Personal Accident cover for players 16 years and over and Category B Gold for players under 16 years) by registering as a Netball Club and registering their players as Personal Members. 

Category C Silver (Applies to players at a College or University that has a College/University Group membership.)

 The insurer will, subject to the terms, conditions, provisions and exceptions of the policy, pay the sums insured against the relevant benefit or benefits if, during the period of insurance, and as a result of recognised and authorised netball activity, an Insured Person suffers Bodily Injury which is the sole cause of their death or disablement. The benefits and sums insured vary according to the category of membership. 


As an example, injuries and benefits include*:  

  • Accidental Death 
  • Permanent Total Disability 
  • Loss of Limb 
  • Loss of one or both eyes 
  • Loss of Speech 
  • Loss of Hearing 
  • Emergency Dental/Optical Expenses 
  • Broken Bones 
  • Torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament necessitating surgery etc.  


*This is intended as a guide only. For a full list of benefits and information regarding the sums insured, excesses, limitations, exclusions and definitions, please refer to the full policy documentation.  

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