INF Update – Conditions for all Sanctions

Following a number of issues regarding the positioning of sanctions, the INF have released the following statement to provide the correct interpretation and clarification of this process.

Umpires at grassroots/local level should be aware of the following;

  • Ensure that you are positioning the sanction correctly with a strong whistle and hand signals
  • It is ok if a player is ‘near’ to where the infringement occurred and you should not be over fussy or pedantic
  • Be aware that the rules no longer require the non-offending player to wait for the offending player to stand next to them
  • If the player does take the pass in the incorrect position as a result of genuine confusion or uncertainty you can ask for penalty pass or free pass to be re-taken correctly
  • If despite clear instruction the player does takes the pass in the incorrect position you should award a free pass to the non-offending team and call “Incorrect Position, (playing position), Free pass, (non-offending team) etc…
  • Umpire’s must always use common sense and good judgement
  • Whilst the rules do allow an umpire to deal with a player that repeatedly takes a sanction in the incorrect position, occurrences of this nature will be extremely rare at this level
  • Umpires must remember that part of their role with players is to educate as well as adjudicate

The Game Management aspect of this rule will differ from local to elite level so a further clarification has been sent to all A Award and Talent Identified B Award Umpires. A and TID B Award Umpires who have not received this should contact their Regional Umpiring Secretary.

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Should you require any further information on this clarification please do not hesitate to get in contact with either your Regional Umpiring Secretary or England Netball at

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