Introduce the Reaction Cone to your coaching!

Four-thirty Friday and Episode 4 in the Coaching Children Video Series is here. Tried and tested fun favourites for kids ages 9-12.

This week we bring you a super easy, super fun game for focused kids right from the start of your session.

We have found that if you have an odd number it can be a great opportunity to empower your netballers. You can select, or ask for volunteers for one of them to be the ‘caller’ of instructions. The more guided responsibility we can hand over to them, the better.

As we mentioned previously, if you coach at a school and don’t fancy waiting for each episode week by week, why not head over to the TeamUp portal. You are lucky enough to be able to access all 10 videos right now! If you aren’t already registered, head here – .

Video four, Coaching Children – Reaction Cone can be viewed here!

Happy Coaching!

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