Welcome to England Netball Officiating


Netball is the number one team sport played by females in England, with 3.4% of the female population playing in the last year. 1.4 million women and girls play Netball at some point during a typical season and eight in ten of all women and girls have experienced Netball at some point in their lives. With interest in the sport growing at an unprecedented rate the need for Officials to service the game at every level has never been more important.

Our Officials have told us that the 3 most important factors they need to succeed is to be able to grow in their chosen role, feel supported on their pathway and that this pathway is transparent and free from any limitations. Simply put, Great Officiating is Rewarded. With challenges meeting the current demand for Officiating as well as planned growth, it is important that we ensure that there are enough of the right Officials at every level to meet the needs of the sport. We also have the exciting opportunity of hosting the Netball World Cup in 2019 and this provides a unique opportunity to attract new people into Officiating and inspire the existing members of ‘Team White’.

To find out more about the 2018-2021 vision for Officiating in Netball and to see what we have planned, please click here Officiating Strategy 2018 – 2021