#HereIfYouNeed: Book a place on our 'netball through menopause' session

We’ve teamed up with pioneering female health experts The Well HQ to run a series of exclusive webinars for the Netball Family. 

The Well HQ was founded in early 2021 when former GB rower turned international coach Baz Moffat, The Digital GP Dr Bella Smith, and former English Institute of Sport scientist Dr Emma Ross joined forces to usher in a new era of best practice for active women. 

This unique series of webinars will cover a range of issues facing women on court and through life spanning puberty to menopause. 

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Dr Emma Ross from The Well HQ said: “The tide is turning for women in sport. What we now know about the female mind and body needs to reach women at all levels so we can see in a new era of success.

“It’s so encouraging that England Netball is primed and ready for that new era, and to support a generation’s worth of talent on their journeys in their sport and beyond.”

Here are all the details of the next webinar which is open to both England Netball members and non-members… 

16 June, 7:30pm – Netball and the Well HQ – Ask Us Anything – Netball Through Perimenopause and Menopause 

One in three women are going through the menopause, and of those, one in four say their symptoms affect the quality of their life. Given that women can experience symptoms for up to ten years, we’re calling time – enough is enough. Join us for this hour long session to look at what you can do, where to get help, the lowdown on HRT, and how exercise can make a difference. 


To find out more about our pledge to improve female activity levels across the country and support women and girls in their journey back to court, click here. 

To find an England Netball participation programme that suits you, from Back to Netball to Netball Now, as well as your local club or league sessions, head to the Play section of our website here. 

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