I am a 16 years+ Personal Member

If you are an active Personal Member of England Netball and have paid your membership fee in full, and England Netball is in receipt of your fees, then subject to the terms, conditions, provisions and exceptions of the policy, you are covered under England Netball’s programme of insurance during your involvement in recognised and authorised netball activity during the period of insurance. 


The programme of insurance also covers active Personal Members for netball coaching and officiating as long as you are appropriately qualified and involved in recognised and authorised netball activity. 


Please note: Social and Supporting Members are not covered by Personal Accident insurance 

 If you are appropriately trained and qualified to administer First Aid, as an active Personal Member of England Netball, you are insured for liability arising from the provision of First Aid treatment as a result of recognised and authorised activity (excluding treatment provided by a qualified medical practitioner, such as a Doctor or Physiotherapist who should carry their own insurance) during the period of insurance.  

To help you understand if you are appropriately trained and qualified to administer First Aid, you can read our First Aid certification guidance here.   

England Netball only recognises certain versions of the game and therefore active Personal Members/Group Members are only indemnified whilst playing, training, attending courses or carrying out activities in relation to the following recognised versions of the game: 



Single gender full seven aside version of the game in accordance with England Netball and/or the International Netball Federation’s rules and regulations, including: 

  • Back to Netball 
  • Netball Now 


Fast 5/FastNet 

Single gender five or seven aside version of the game in accordance with England Netball and the International Netball Federation’s rules and regulations.  


Bee Netball 

Netball training and matches in line with the Under 11 Age & Stage Framework for either mixed or single gender groups or classes. 


High 5 

Mixed gender five aside version of the game for 9-11 year olds in accordance with England Netball’s rules and regulations. 


Indoor Netball (or Nets) 

Mixed gender version of the game in accordance with England Netball and/or the World Indoor Netball Association’s (WINA) rules and regulations.  


Mixed Netball 

All versions listed above at a recreational level. England Netball welcomes mixed netball as a growing recreational form of the game and the involvement of men in netball in all roles. The recreational form of the game is defined as the casual participation in a non-competitive or competitive game at a local or county level, where the result does not have a consequence on a league, tournament or series of games at a regional level or above. 


Walking Netball 

Single gender full seven aside version of the game played at walking pace.  



Versions of the games that are endorsed by England Netball in recognition of the participants’ disability. 


Authorised activity 

“Authorised activity” is recognised versions of the game that have been authorised by England Netball. This is official England Netball activity (whether that be a programme, game, course, festival or tournament) organised by England Netball or the registered organisations that sit within England Netball’s governance framework (for example, County and Regional Netball Associations) and registered leagues that support affiliation to England Netball (by including this as an entry requirement in their regulations) and facilitate versions of the game in accordance with England Netball and INF rules and regulations. Anything outside of England Netball’s framework is not considered “authorised” and therefore isn’t covered by England Netball’s programme of insurance. 


Important Note 

While the policy applies to individuals and groups participating in recognised and authorised netball activity, England Netball does not always have jurisdiction over those providing recognised and authorised versions of the game to ensure that they are being delivered in a safe environment with adequate supervision. Individuals should not participate in any activity that they perceive to be unsafe. 



Note for Tutors, Assessors and Internal Verifiers 

The liability insurance is only provided for England Netball accredited tutors, assessors and internal verifiers who are delivering England Netball approved courses/workshops.  

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