Vitality Roses

Razia Quashie

Goal Defence Goal Keeper

DOB: 16 September 1997
POB: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Height: 1.85m
Club: Saracens Mavericks
Test Debut: 11 October 2018
Caps: 19


Razia Quashie was born on the south Caribbean islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and, like many; she did a range of sports during her childhood before choosing netball as her main sport.

She credits her mother for introducing her to netball as trips to the local court to watch her matches led to Quashie joining in.

As a youngster, Quashie never thought she would end up representing her country on the court, focusing on her enjoyment of the sport over anything. In the end, it was her PE teacher and form tutor that encouraged her to trial and enter into the pathway.

“When I first started playing netball, I absolutely did not think that I would be at this stage. It was always the love of the sport that kept me playing. Netball allowed me to be who I am and I have met some really good people through the sport.”

However, it might be a surprise to many to hear that Quashie started her career outside of the defensive third, playing shooter up until sixth form for her school.

When she started playing at the back around age 16 / 17, she did trials for the Regional Performance Academy.

After three months in the academy, she was selected to trial for England U19s and ended up going to Jamaica with them. This then led to her being picked up for the U21s where she was selected for the World Youth Cup through the programme.

Since 2017, she’s been in the Vitality Roses programme and made her senior international debut against Jamaica in 2018.

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Major Senior International Honours

Vitality Roses debut vs. Jamaica

11 October 2018