#ShowUp campaign launched!

Sky Sports and the Women’s Sport Trust have partnered to encourage everyone to ‘show up’ and support women’s sport by watching, attending or playing.

The #ShowUp campaign asks famous faces, fans and the general public to pledge their support using #ShowUp across social media to document their experiences of women in sport.

As part of the campaign, Sky are giving away 5,000 tickets to women’s sports events this year to encourage attendance as part of the Sky VIP loyalty programme.

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Speaking to The Independent, former England international Tamsin Greenway explained why it’s time to get involved…

“This week, I am helping to launch #ShowUp, a campaign led by Sky Sports and the Women’s Sport Trust to encourage people to support women’s sport.

“The last few years have seen so many great stories – from success at the Olympics, to England’s Cricket World Cup win, to the amazing gold medal England Netball won at the Commonwealth Games.

“I have had so many people, men and women, come up to me and say “wow, that netball final was incredible”. So many people were watching and following. Women’s sport has, at various moments, been part of the national conversation.

“These are great steps, but I still find myself thinking: how can we translate these moments of success into getting people to support women’s sport more consistently?

“We need to take the first steps to creating a change in culture that places women’s sport at the heart of people’s lives.

“My own five-year-old lives in a world where women’s sport is cool and she loves it, but for her, it’s the norm. She supports netball and my team, like others support men’s football.

“That’s what this campaign is about: starting a shift in our culture by saying “go and watch your local team, follow them and support them” and hopefully developing an environment in which people engage with women’s sport in a much deeper way.”

Take to social media and let us know how you are going to show up! What are you attending or going to watch this summer? Which sports are you going to try? #ShowUp @SkySports @WomenSportTrust

Read more about the #ShowUp campaign: https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/womens_football/tamsin-greenway-why-its-time-to-showup-for-womens-sport-a8361426.html

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