LATEST: Community netball across Government Tiers

Following the latest Government measures announced on Saturday 19 December, for those in Tier 4, the following has been confirmed in relation to community sport:

  • Indoor community sports facilities will close
  • Adult activity is only permitted with others within your household, support bubble, or with one other person from another household
  • Organised outdoor netball for under 18s and disabled people is allowed

The safety of the Netball Family is always paramount. Due to the number of adults needed to run training sessions and matches, we would advise the postponement of any junior netball (under 18s) and netball for disabled people in Tier 4 areas until after Christmas, when further guidance will be available.

A link to the full list of which areas are in which Tier can be found on the Government website here. The new measures come into force on Sunday 20 December.

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