Walking Netball and Nets statement

Walking Netball player

The risks around netball have been carefully analysed following the Governments team sport risk framework which helps identify the level of risk of COVID-19 transmitting.

Whilst on the whole, with modifications the risk with netball was lowered; there are some areas of the sport that require further analysis to enable us to progress to stage 4. Whilst this additional analysis is done, the following forms of netball will progress to stage 3 of the return of community roadmap, rather than stage 4.

These areas are:

Walking Netball – Given the design and rules of Walking Netball, which allow 4 seconds for a pass to be made and the walking pace, the additional analysis will explore if the risks can be mitigated sufficiently using the same COVID-19 game modifications, or if additional measures are required.

Nets – this game is always played indoors and the court area is smaller with additional contact points i.e. the Nets of the court which could increase fomite transmission. Further analysis will understand this in more detail and will explore if the same COVID-19 game modifications can be used, or if additional measures are required.

Both Walking Netball and Nets activities can however (from 18th August 2020) progress through the roadmap to stage 3. This allows:

  • Larger groups of up to 30 (including coach or host) to meet together and enjoy Netball Fitness Activity
  • The sharing of equipment can be increased (sanitisation protocol must be followed)
  • Activities should be skill based as small sided games or game/match play is not permitted
  • Social distancing of 2m must be observed throughout activity

Stage 3 guidance document can be found here.

The information in the Restart Guidance should be followed (excluding the COVID-19 rule modifications).

In the coming weeks and months once additional analysis is complete we will update the netball family with further information and the outcome of this. Details of a forum for Walking Netball hosts who are members of England Netball will be shared in the next few days when we look forward to sharing more details and ideas to bring to life stage 3 guidance and the future steps.


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