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Walking Netball Subscriptions


  • Get Walking Netball training activities flexible enough to be done from your home direct to your inbox, helping you achieve your goals
  • Feel part of the England Netball Family via a welcome pack and exclusive water bottle
  • Get covered – all subscribers will be covered by silver category C personal accident insurance
  • Be an integral part of the Walking Netball movement

All for only £20!



If you want in, follow our guidance or talk to your Walking Netball coach to purchase your subscription today!




Walking Netball subscriptions provide subscribers with an enhanced experience. The benefits include:

  • An exclusive subscribers welcome pack
  • Silver, Category C personal accident insurance cover*
  • A monthly digital communication that supports your participation within your Walking Netball session from the comfort of your home
  • Subscriber discounts and offers

*Subject to terms, conditions, provisions and exceptions.

As a Walking Netball Subscriber, you are covered by England Netball’s Personal Accident policy (at level Silver, Category C) for your participation in Walking Netball sessions that are both recognised and authorised by England Netball. For more information regarding the benefits (i.e. injuries) and sums insured please see the Summary of Cover for Subscribers

All recognised and authorised sessions can be found on England Netball’s session finder. If your session is not featured here, it is not a recognised and authorised session. Please make sure you check the day and time of your session, as some leisure centres run more than one session a week and it is possible that not all of them are recognised and authorised by England Netball (as it is the session that England Netball recognise and authorise rather than the venue).

Unfortunately not. The Silver, Category C Personal Accident policy is not valid in league competitions even if they are “Walking Netball” leagues. When playing in more competitive activities it is important that you join as an England Netball Personal Member to give you access to the full range of benefits, including Gold Category A Personal Accident cover as well as member-to-member liability.

Unfortunately not. Public/Products Liability (which includes member-to-member liability) is available to Personal Members as part of their benefits package. Find out more here.

Personal Accident cover is operative for all Walking Netball Subscribers during Walking Netball sessions recognised and authorised by England Netball up to the age of 80 years old. Once a Subscriber or Personal Member turns 80 years old, they will no longer be covered by the Personal Accident policy, and participate in recognised and authorised netball activity at their own risk.

The Personal Accident policy covers the injuries listed under “benefits” in the Summary of Cover for Subscribers that are sustained in a new accident (Silver, Category C).

If you, as a Subscriber, suffer an aggravated injury as a result of your participation in a Walking Netball session recognised and authorised by England Netball, this wouldn’t be considered a “new accident” and is unlikely to be covered by the Personal Accident policy (although the insurers would seek medical advice as to whether it was aggravated or a new injury).

In the interest of safety we advise you to refrain from partaking in play against medical advice.

Subscribers are only indemnified (Silver, Category C) whilst playing Walking Netball at recognised and authorised Walking Netball sessions or one off fun festivals. For more information regarding what you are covered for, please see FAQ “What does the Personal Accident policy cover me for as a Subscriber?” above.

The Walking Netball subscriptions are programme specific (meaning you will only receive benefits in association with your chosen programme). However, the Personal Accident (Silver, Category C) cover indemnifies Walking Netball Subscribers during their participation in both Back to Netball and Walking Netball sessions as long as they are recognised and authorised by England Netball.

For claims, please contact Howden on:

Kirsty McNamara
0121 698 8040

IMPORTANT NOTE: Claims under this policy must be notified to the insurer within 120 days from the date of the incident and no claim will be considered after 365 days from the date of the incident. If you are unsure if your injury will trigger a claim under the policy, please discuss with Howden’s claims team.

Walking Netball subscriptions and Personal Membership are different in lots of ways and currently it is not possible to upgrade directly online.

There are specific time frames in which it may be possible to upgrade, based on the date of purchase of your subscription and the point at which you wish to upgrade within the membership period (which runs from 1 September to 31 August every year). Please contact membership@englandnetball.co.uk where we’d be happy to discuss your request.