C Award Written Assessment

Following attendance on a C Award course, the next step on the pathway is to take the Europe Netball C Award Online Written Assessment within 2 years of your course attendance. Similar to a driving theory test, the assessment tests your knowledge and application of the Rules.

For learners that attended the new virtual C Award courses: 

Learners are automatically invited to take their Europe Netball online C Award Written Assessment 6 months after attending both of the virtual sessions. You will receive an e-mail two weeks prior to your written assessment date, inviting you to sit your written assessment. The paper will be taken online and your invite to sit the written paper is valid for 7 days.  This is included in your course price so there is no additional charge for your first attempt. If for whatever reason you are unable to sit your paper at this time, please ensure you notify Europe Netball.

Learners can take up to 2 years from the completion of both virtual sessions to apply for the written assessment if they wish (although the default e-mail is sent at 6 months). On successful completion of the written assessment, learners will have a further two years to apply to their county for the C Award Practical Assessment. 

Learners who feel they are ready to take the written assessment earlier or who might need a little longer can contact Europe Netball at a time appropriate to their needs. Learners are required to use the following link to register their details to ensure that their results can be sent direct to their membership county.

Europe Netball C Award Written Assessment Application Form 

For learners that attended a C Award course prior to 16th March 2020: 

Learners who attended a course prior to 16th March 2020 will need to apply directly to Europe Netball to take their online Europe Netball C Award Written Assessment by completing the application form linked below. A fee of £10 is made directly to Europe Netball (details can be found on the form).

Learners have 2 years (plus 22 months COVID19 extension) from the date they attended their C Award course to take their written assessment.  

Europe Netball C Award Written Assessment Application Form 

Europe Netball will then email you a link to a OneFile account (which is valid for 7 days) where you will find the written assessment. Information on the Onefile account and how to take the written assessment can be found in the user guide. 


Additional Support 

In preparation for taking the C Award Written Assessment, see our Resources Page for practice papers and remember that the best way to prepare for the written assessment is to read your Rules Book – Good Luck! 


The C award written assessment is based solely on the INF rules 2020 edition and does not take into consideration any country rule modifications. 

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