An update on the 2024 rules of netball

A message from England Netball’s Head of Officiating Gary Burgess with an update on the 2024 Rules of Netball.

Dear All,

Last week World Netball sent us the provisional updated text for the Rules of Netball 2024. At this stage World Netball are asking that we and other National Governing bodies do not circulate the content whilst it goes through the final Q&A process. Once the final version is received and dissemination instructions are circulated, we will share this information with the Netball Family. World Netball are also developing videos to support the changes and these will be presented to National Governing bodies in December and then made available through the WN website.

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Please note that any previous documents that you may have read or seen relating to the 2024 update should be disregarded as there have been changes to what was previously in the public domain.

What we do know…

The changes made largely revolve around making the Rules clearer to interpret with a number of clarifications and simplifications made, including the restructuring of the Rules Book. The other key area of focus is protecting and promoting player safety. Unlike with previous Rules updates there are no major updates that are likely to drastically change the way the game is played however, revisions in the areas of Playing the Ball, Contact, Advantage and a rewrite of the Game Management section (the way players play the game and how umpires use effective management to maintain fair play) have provided additional clarity which will support all netballers to enjoy our sport.

The Rules changes will be implemented internationally from 1st January 2024 and will include the 2024 season of the Netball Super League. The Rules will change domestically in England from 1st September 2024 and all approved and authorised netball in England thereafter will be played to them. It is imperative that all approved and authorised netball (which includes leagues and or standalone match/es) outside of the NSL environment are continued to be played to the 2020 Rules of Netball until 31st August 2024.

What happens next?…

We have already begun the process of reviewing our current educational materials which will be updated to reflect the amendments to the Rules. This will include both the consultation and upskilling of our Tutors and Assessors and a transition from teaching the 2020 Rules to the 2024 Rules. The Netball Super League will provide a visual demonstration of the updated Rules in action which will support understanding and from January to September 2024, England Netball will produce and provide a number of upskilling opportunities which will be accessible by all Netballers. This will include the opportunity for Netballers to submit questions on the Rules and their application and will show responses to these questions in an FAQ.

At this stage I would like to reiterate my previous point that theses updates should not be referred to as ‘new rules’ and more an update and simplification of the previous version. Any changes will not significantly change the way the game is played and I am sure, by the December break in 2024 they are likely to be common place for all Netballers.

Should you require any further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us at

Many Thanks,

Gary Burgess

Head of Officiating

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