B2N case study: "Now I'm addicted to netball!"

Sophie* is 36, married and is in full-time employment.

After relocating because of work, she struggled to get back into an exercise routine and had not exercised regularly since school.

She started attending B2N 10 months ago, and now seeks out every possible opportunity to play netball in her local area.

She hopes to progress to playing in a league and is grateful to B2N for reigniting her love of netball.

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“Before I started Back to Netball I never did any exercise.

“I cycled to work but that’s it, not for enjoyment, but just to get me from A to B.

“Exercising was never an interest, I was completely a go home and sit on the sofa person.

“I was quite sporty at school and did a lot of running and obviously played netball, but when I went to university and then when I moved cities I tried playing in clubs and everyone was really good, so it put me off and I stopped going.

“I’d started going to the gym and to classes but I’d been finding it difficult to get into a routine and found it quite boring.

“I can’t do a single sit up or push up or anything, and I’ve got the upper body strength of a baby bird so I decided the gym’s not for me, but I needed to do something else as I wanted to increase my fitness.

“I was attracted to Back to Netball as it’s no commitment so if I felt like I couldn’t handle it or had to go away for work, it didn’t matter.

“Now I’m addicted to netball and I want to play as much as possible: at one point I was playing five nights a week!

“I’m six feet tall and I hate being tall, but when I’ve got the ball, when I’ve got my arms above my head, people can’t reach it and it’s the best feeling in the world!

“I think I’m quite good in that respect and I’m a shooter and everyone claps when I do my job properly and that is just a good feeling too.

“Now I’ve joined a club and I’m looking forward to playing in a league.

“Without Back to Netball I don’t think I’d have played this regularly and wouldn’t have joined a club – I recommend it to everyone!”

2018 marks 10 terrific years of Back to Netball – find out more about our month-long birthday celebrations here.

Interested in getting back into our fantastic sport? Find your nearest session now.

*name changed and photo not linked to case study

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