Happy Friday Coaches…the time has come again for another fresh idea. For all you club coaches, how fast is this season flying by?! Approaching the final few training sessions of the season we are looking at consolidating a few key areas of match play. What wins matches? We recommend focusing on consolidating the following three areas in your final few sessions: Through court attack, Centre Pass Attack and Centre Pass Defence. This week we spoke to Natalie Peperell about how she works on:

Through Court Attack

Natalie started her coaching journey in 2011 as Coach of the Bristol University BUCS teams and has coached within the England Netball Pathway as a Performance Pathway Coach. Natalie is currently Head Coach of Team Bath NPL side and Head Coach of the Swiss U17 squad (as well as teaching PE at Downside School in Stratton-on-the-Fosse!)


  • Pass ahead, offer lateral
  • Pass lateral, offer ahead
  • 3 offers through court – staggered timing
  • Side line pass / lateral / driver
  • Reset if need
  • Early preparation
  • Width and Depth

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Game – 3’s 3 Through CourtThrough Court

  • 3 players bring the ball through court
  • A defender in each third, but once attack have transitioned through first third defender transitions so 2 defenders in second third and 3 in final third.
  • Must land circle edge and play GS to a pre laid down spot.
  • Attack only score if GS scores.
  • * You can change where the ball starts – situational*

You can play around with the game to focus on specific principles, so you can put conditions on such as… The ball must be centralised in centre third, or, if you pass laterally the next pass must be forwards, or the ball must go lateral in each third etc…


Most questions are developed from what happens on court and areas that you want your players to be more aware of. Here are few to get you started…

  • How can we split the defence?
  • If your attack are not ball side how can you make them ball side? (Move the ball)
  • To create space for your attackers to get through court, where might you go when you have passed the ball?
  • What direction is quickest from one end of the court to another?
  • When moving from the middle third to the end third, where would the ball be to give you the most options?

Thank you Natalie for this fab practice. Coaches we hope that you enjoy and that your players consolidate some key learning from your season of coaching. Keep an eye out for our Top 10 on Sunday which is full of tips from coaches regarding the season debrief and the off-season. Happy Weekend!

Team Coaching


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