Happy Easter Friday Coaches!!! And do we have a treat for you, this week FIF is a good one…so good that we are disappointed to have a week off training and have to wait to play this game with our Netballers! Why not treat yourself to an early Easter egg, or a bank holiday beverage and read on.
Last week it was the BUCS Big Wednesday Final and Northumbria University went up against Brunel University. Northumbria came away victorious following a scoreline of 56 – 28. As many of us are in the midst of finals this week we spoke to Northumbria University Coach, Victoria Burgess to get some insight from a winning team’s Coach. Victoria talks to us about the squad and what she believes made the difference to support them in becoming 2015-16 BUCS Champions. Victoria has also shared with us a game that she likes to use as a warm up with the squad.TN BUCS Netball Programme 

Coaching staff: TeAroha Keenan, Victoria Burgess, Lisa Stanley, Leah Kennedy, Rebecca Neil

Team North have 5 teams in the BUCS league and a development group that sits underneath the competitive teams.

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This year our coaching staff have worked together to make sure that delivery across all 5 teams is consistent and that there is continuity regarding tactical/technical aspects of the game.

The TN 1st BUCS team gave 100% focus and commitment to our programme. All of the athletes fully deserved to be BUCS champions for the first time in TN history. The athletes worked hard in every session on and off the court, at Team Northumbria we have fantastic Facilities that ensure we provide the best possible environment for all the athletes needs. For example: As part of the athletes recovery they have use of the swimming pool, gym & ice baths. We have a fantastic S&C department that work with the players and adapt sessions to specific needs. It was important that our coaches and S&C coaches worked closely to make sure we managed the players programme to avoid burn out or injury. We also spent a lot of time analysing the opposition using video analysis of previous games and adapting our training and court play to remain unbeaten.

We have some fantastic individuals in our team this season and some with international experience, however, I truly believe that each and every player brought something different to the team, and it was clear that team work and friendship played a huge part in our success.

Warm Up Game

Focus: Defence to dictate space and forcing opponents high up the court/ attack taking on defenders. It’s also a fun challenge!

  1. Split the group in two – team A & team B
  2. Team A set up as defenders spread out using the full court


  • 2 in end 1/3
  • 3 in the middle 1/3
  • 2 in the end 1/3

(Defence are not allowed in the shooting circles)

  1. A ball is placed on a cone in one shooting circle
  2. Team B all start in the opposite shooting circle (home)
  3. Team B have 2 minutes (timed) to score as many goals as possible by traveling though court taking on defenders to get in to the circle to take a shot. However, ONLY ONE attacker can travel through the court at once! Once the member of team B has entered the circle to take a shot the next player can go.
  4. Once you are in the circle you only have one shot on goal – then replace the ball on the cone and recover back to the home shooting circle by running along side the court. (Use this as recovery)

Defence aim to work together and dictate the attackers movement and hold them up for as long as possible.

Work for 2 minutes and aim to score as many goals as possible then change over.


  • Overload with more defence
  • Overload with more attack
  • 3 attackers take a ball through / 1 shot – Netball
  • Running tag
  • Basketball rules

This sounds like so much fun! We can’t wait to try it with our players, thank you Victoria. If you play this game do let us know @ENCoaching_ or comment on this post!

Have a lovely long weekend everyone!

Team Coaching


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