Hooray…Fresh idea Friday is here! Team coaching have had another busy week travelling around the country for Make the Game Live on the Road, in the East Midlands and South West. It was so exciting to meet some coaches that have been reading this blog and putting the ideas into practice. Letting us know the variations that they have tried and how their players responded. It really does make us smile to know that this blog is being put to use!

This week we bring you another game that has been shared at MTGL OTR. As with many practices we post this can be altered and adapted depending on your coaching focus, this one is particularly effective for dictating space, the use of body angles and with progressions, the transition of defence through court.

time limit

  • Four attackers enter the third via a line and using netball rules try to score by the ball being thrown to an attacker in the square diagonally opposite.
  • Once a goal has been scored, the attacking team run back with ball through the court to re-enter via the line.
  • Defence must try and stop the attack scoring a goal and the defence are allowed to restrict the attackers back to the line.
  • Time limit of 1 min and then teams swap roles.

Here is a snippet of the practice in action at MTGL OTR in the North West.

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As always we encourage you to progress and develop this game with your own ideas. When at the North West Make the Game Live OTR we found out that this is a favourite of Karen Greig’s. So we spoke to the Performance Development coach about how she progresses this to give you an idea about just how much you can build on the practices that we share.

Increasing Entry Points

  • The first progression would be to add another point in opposite corner of existing entry point.
  • 1 attacker must enter through each entry point.
  • This begins to change the dynamics of where the attackers are entering the space.
  • I would then add a third entry point in the top corner of the third, for attackers to enter deep.

Full Court 

  • The attackers must score diagonally across in each third.
  • Attackers go up the court in 3s or 4s and must land in each square to score points.
  • The first box is worth 1 point, the 2nd box 1 point, and the third 3rd box 2 points, so a total of 4 points are up for grabs if the attackers make it through the whole court successfully without any defence turnover.

Full Court – Restart

  • Attackers start at an entry point on the base line. If the attackers are stopped in the 1st third they go to the back of the line/miss that go.
  • If they are stopped in the 2nd third they go back to the start of the 1st
  • If they are stopped in the final 3rd they must go back to the start of the 2nd

Defence Set Up

  • 7 defenders start on court; 4 defenders start in 1st third, 2 defenders start in 2nd third, 1 defender starts in the final third.

  • As the attackers progress through the thirds, 2 defenders from the 1st third transition into the 2nd third, and 3 defenders from the 2nd third transition to the final third…

  • In every third it should be 4v4. This set up allows players to work on the transition of defence through court.


Karen coaches at performance level, the conditions and progressions for this practice reflect this. Make sure to alter accordingly to your group so that they do not feel disheartened if they are not achieving success.

Take your time with progressions, something like this can be worked on for a couple of sessions.

If you put this into practice do share with us any pictures of your players in action… @ENCoaching_ we love to hear from you.

To attend the final Make the Game Live on the Road workshop in the North East;

Monday 21st March, 6:30-9:30pm – Email northeast@englandnetball.co.uk

Happy Weekend folks, have a good one!

Team Coaching


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