This week Performance Club Coach, Gilly Salter has been sharing some pearls of wisdom from her coaching experience. Gilly talks about the importance of continued growth as a coach, click here to see the video, and below is one of her favourite practices.

I believe that you can learn, and continue learning for the rest of your life, so I always try to improve and see if I can bring something back to the game that’s different.

Gilly Salter

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I first saw this when Australia were practicing it a few years back and just love it, I know it as the ‘Australian Triangle’. It is not just about movement but can incorporate so many things and create so many decision making opportunities for players. (Be patient, it can take a while for your players to nail!)

  • Players should be in three equal groups.
  • Play starts with the ball at the front of one of the triangle lines.
  • The two players at the front of the other two lines run forward to offer to receive a pass.
  • When the ball is passed, the player who didn’t receive the ball should move into space to receive the next pass.

  • The player who started with the ball needs to then also make a move to receive the third pass.
  • Once all three players have received the ball, it is passed to the next group of players, ready for the practice to start again.
  • All players rejoin the back of their original line once the move is over.

Progressions / Conditions

  • I like to link two groups together either end of the court, when the third pass has been made the player turns and feeds into the second group.
  • I also like to add the condition that players must do a Preliminary move before receiving the ball.
  • Add defenders – This adds pressure on attacking movements to get free for the pass.

Thank you to Gilly for sharing! More from Gilly at

As always, we want you to think about how this can work with your coaching focus, what adaptations can you make to it? Gilly talked about setting up two triangles on court and looking at passing options and through court play. Let us know if you explore a new adaptation and how it goes! Reach us on Facebook or Twitter.

Happy Weekend Coaches!

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