What a busy and exciting week it is for all of us here at England Netball! Tonight the England Roses take on the Australian Diamonds for the second of three test matches, this time, at the Copper Box. We hope that you managed to join us at the first match in Liverpool on Wednesday or were able to watch the Roses in action on Sky Sports .  Team Coaching were thrilled to be in attendance at Liverpool, accompanied by 20 Performance Club Coaches on our very first Performance Club Coach Workshop.

We are currently writing a plan and creating tailored support for all coaches, whether you coach Children, Youth or Adult Performance we are aiming to provide you with support appropriate to your players. (You may have seen a little about these coaching segments on the Facebook page over the past few months.) This week we saw the start of that with our very first Performance Club Coach Workshop. We had great feedback from the coaches and are looking forward to the London workshop on Sunday at the third and final test match (Come on England!).

Whilst we were at the Echo Arena we observed the Roses warm up, and thought we would share for this weeks Fresh idea Friday…

So here it is…FIF from the England Squad Warm Up…

  • Divide your group into 3/ 4 equal groups. (Ideally groups of 4)
  • Team 1 begin as the defending team and start on court.
  • Team 2 begin as the attacking team and begin on the base line with a ball.
  • Team 3 must be ready and waiting with a second ball.

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FullSizeRender (007)

  • Team 2 must pass the ball between themselves to get to the opposite end of the court.
  • Team 1 must defend to deny the space, delay play and achieve a turnover.
  • When Team 2 either A) Make it to the other side, or B) The ball is intercepted, Team 2 become the defending team and must turn to defend Team 3.FullSizeRender (005)
  • Team 3 become attackers and enter the court, with the aim to pass the ball to the opposite end and the process repeats.
  • Team 1 must exit the court taking the ball team 2 started with.
  • They must then take the position where Team 3 began, ready and waiting to enter as attackers.

If you have a big group or want to decrease the space that your players are able to work in you can do this in one third going across the court.

So there you go a Fresh idea from the National squad! If you enjoy this warm up and use it with your players, or have any questions, as always, do let us know on Twitter @ENCoaching_ or Facebook.

If you are a Performance Club Coach (coaching Superleague, Prem, or Regional teams, or within junior clubs or schools that regularly make National Finals) and would like to be notified of events relevant to you, please let us know by emailing coaching@englandnetball.co.uk with information of the club you coach at and the league they compete in, so that we can be sure you are invited to the next round of workshops.

Make sure you tune into Sky Sports from 7pm tonight to support the Roses, or enjoy the match if you are lucky enough to be attending!

Have a great weekend guys!

Team Coaching


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