Hello Coaches, Happy Monday! :)

‘Couch to Court’ encourages new participants to take some first great steps to get feeling healthier, happier and more confident in 2020.

This months ‘Top 10 on the 10th’ focuses on some top tips and tricks we can adopt as coaches and hosts to alleviate any nerves before a first session!

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1. If new participants have been in contact before the session, let them know what they may need to wear or bring with them, and whether the session is indoors or outdoors

2. Confirm the time, location and cost of the session beforehand and provide any information on where they need to go when they arrive. Let them know you are looking forward to meeting them!

3. Let them know what they can expect from their first session. Check out our Couch to Court ‘What to Expect’ page to explore some frequently asked questions

4.  Let them know who will be there to welcome them when they arrive. Knowing the name of somebody who will be there to welcome them to the session will help them to feel more relaxed when arriving for the first time

5. Welcome them with a smile, eye contact, friendly hello and use names where possible  :) Check out UK Coaching‘s article for further guidance around rapport and communication building

6. Ask questions to find out more about them as a person, including their motivations for coming along to your session

7. Spend some time planning your activities so they can be differentiated and adapted for everyone within your group

8. Suggest a ‘bring a friend’ scheme to help alleviate the first session nerves!

9. Aim to finish the session so everyone feels as though they have finished on a positive and memorable moment

10. Provide a friendly farewell and follow up at the end, letting them know you are looking forward to seeing them at the next session!

Many of us will adopt these simple, welcoming steps in our sessions to create a warm and friendly environment, and it is the small touches that can really help new members feel welcome and at ease!

Share your experiences, tips and tricks with us on Twitter by tagging @ENCoaching_ :)


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