Dedicated to Difference

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England Netball is committed to being an active ally and encourages everyone within the Netball Family to do the same. Find out more about how you can show your commitment and support.

Show your support as an individual or organisation by pledging your commitment to the England Netball Belonging Commitment Statement:

In netball we want everyone to find a place to belong, flourish and soar. A place where you can retain your own personality, style and flair. A place you are cherished and appreciated for simply being you.

The on-court structure of our sport inherently recognises that the strength and success of a team comes from difference. We actively strive to create a culture that values, recognises and supports individuality throughout all aspects of netball, to allow our people and our sport to continue to thrive and reach new heights.

We pledge to promote and celebrate difference, embracing the opportunity to make our sport a possibility within everyone’s reach, ensuring netball is open to new audiences, beyond our current following, to discover the joy of belonging in netball.

We will ….
• Drive an inclusive culture by informing and challenging ourselves, our partners and leaders at all levels of our sport and organisation to cultivate a sense of belonging for all who join us on our adventure.

• Remove barriers by developing and evolving our sport to meet the needs of both current and future audiences.

• Unlock opportunities by partnering with organisations who share our values, ambition and intent, to help us achieve what we can’t alone.

• Provide exceptional experiences by putting individuals at the heart of all we do; recognising and being empathetic to differences.

• Take action by continuing to take seriously our responsibility to govern and safeguard the sport ensuring it remains a safe, welcoming and fair place for all.

• Be an active ally by being relentlessly committed to representing, celebrating and proudly standing with all communities.

• Never stand still by always staying curious and evolving to remain relevant to our growing Netball Family.
We want the Netball Family to unite and join us. We invite you to pledge your commitment to this journey, to ensure everyone feels they have a place to belong in netball.

Pledge Your Commitment

Use this logo across your social media and website to show your support for inclusion.

Dedicated to Difference - England Netball

Making sure everyone can enjoy our sport and feels comfortable and welcome is everyone’s responsibility. We developed conscious inclusion training developed to raise awareness of how equity, diversity and inclusion issues play out within the netball family, and to support all our people to be more inclusive to ensure a culture where everyone feels they can belong in netball. We encourage all England Netball members to take the time to complete this training (you will need the Virtual Netball Club password to access the site).

Take the Training

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