Procedures – Safe Space

All Members, connected participants, staff, volunteers and job applicants will be treated with respect and given equal access to the opportunities netball has to offer. The revised Diversity & Belonging Policy sets out the organisational commitment to meeting our duties under the law and what the expectations are on members, connected participants and staff.

This guidance should be read in conjunction with the Codes of Conduct and Disciplinary Regulations, the Anti Bullying and Harassment Policy and the Trans Inclusion Guidance.

England Netball has a zero tolerance approach to all forms of discriminatory behaviour and provide a dedicated contact for reporting all concerns about disciplinary behaviour (

Codes of Conduct and Disciplinary

England Netball’s Codes of Conduct set out the standards and expectations expected of those in the sport of netball, and these promote respect, good sportsmanship, high standards of behaviour and ethics.

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Complaints and Whistleblowing

England Netball is committed to providing a First Class Participant Experience. We hope that most problems, concerns or areas of dissatisfaction can be resolved informally at the time they occur.

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How to Report a Concern

England Netball has a number of policies in place to allow reporting of a complaint, concern or feedback relating to any service provided by England Netball or relating to safeguarding or code of conduct.

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