Employers’ Liability Information

The majority of registered organisations within the Netball Family operate on a voluntary basis. However, for those of you that have employees that are paid more than the PAYE threshold, insurers must populate the Employers Liability Tracing Office’s database with your Employer Reference Number (ERN) as issued by the Inland Revenue. This is to help anyone affected by a work-related illness or injury access the information they need to make a claim quickly and efficiently.

Please note that our insurers are not able to provide registered netball organisations with Employers’ Liability cover if information is missing from this database. Therefore, we ask that unless you are exempt you complete the following survey and provide your ERN.

You are exempt if:

a. Your organisation has no paid employees;

b. All employees earn below the PAYE threshold;

c. Your organisation is not registered in England, Wales or Scotland.

Additional Information is available from the ELTO website.

Complete the survey


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