LRG Fitness Summer Regime for Umpires

Summer’s well and truly here and you’re looking forward to a chance to unwind and relax…… think again!

It’s time to get motivated, set goals and experience a fitness training programme that will not only get you ready for the new season but will provide you with a hassle free solution during it too!

An umpire that can keep up with (and slightly ahead of) play in today’s increasingly fast-paced game will be in a better position to make correct decisions.

Fitness has always been a vital element of any umpires ‘tool kit’ and here at England Netball Officiating we wanted to give you an alternative choice to more traditional training methods.

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We have been working with our fitness partners ‘LRG Fitness’ to create two High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions uniquely designed for umpires, along with generic warm-up and cool down videos.

HIIT sessions are ideal for umpires as this type of exercise mirrors the intermittent demands a match places on them. Short bursts of explosive movement with minimal recovery is the key to HIIT. Why not incorporate these sessions into your weekly fitness regime and you will soon reap the benefits. Who knows, it may even make the bleep test easier to achieve!

We would love to hear from you and your experiences of the Officiating HIIT sessions so why not take a video or photo of yourself or your ‘pride’ of Officials taking part and post them on either our Facebook or Twitter.

Best of luck ‘HIIT’ing the court!

Access the clips and get going: Officiating HIIT Sessions

If you enjoy the HIIT sessions, don’t forget to sign up to LRG Fitness, using discount code: N3tBA11

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