New League checklist

If your league application has been approved, please click on the arrows for guidance on how to enable full functionality in ENgage.

The mandatory committee roles (Secretary, Treasurer, Data protection lead, Chairperson, Disciplinary officer and Safeguarding officer) are required to be assigned on ENgage. You can find out how to allocate people to committee roles here. You can find out more about the various roles and access levels here.


The other roles are optional for you to use, depending on your committee structure. Learn more about the access provided to each non-committee role and how to allocate these here.

If you only wish for your league to be joined to one county, please continue to point 3. However, if you require your league to be part of more than one county, please follow these instructions:
1. Log into ENgage
2. In the ‘My Organisations’ box, select the thumbnail next to your organization’s name
3. Select ‘Organisation Profile’
4. Click ‘Relationships’ from the left hand menu
5. Select the ‘New’ button
6. Enter the name of the county into the ‘Organisation Name’ field (Note, any counties that use North, South, East or West will state this after the county name i.e. West Yorkshire will be Yorkshire West)
7. Click ‘Search’
8. Select the county you wish to have a relationship with (The relationship type being ‘parent’ to the league)
9. Select ‘Save Relationship’
10. If you require the added county to be your leagues primary one, tick the small circle next to the county and then select the ‘Primary’ button

In order for you to be able to create a free ENgage league website, a set of bank details must be entered. We do not request the long card number or CVV number, which means that no funds can be taken from the card used.

Please follow these instructions, in order to add bank details to your ENgage league account:

  1. Log into ENgage
  2. In the ‘My Organisations’ box, select the thumbnail next to your organization’s name
  3. Click ‘Finance’
  4. Select ‘Bank Details’
  5. Click ‘New’
  6. Enter information into all fields
  7. Tick the box next to ‘Is Default’
  8. Tick the box ‘I have read, consented and agreed to First Sports Internationals Terms and Conditions, England Netballs Region, County, Club membership and League Registration Contract and I am of legal age’ (Mandatory)
  9. Tick the box ‘Accept Online Credit/Debit Card Payments’ (Mandatory)
  10. Tick the box ‘Accept Online Direct Debit Payments’ (Optional)
  11. Check that the entered details are correct
  12. Click on the small disc icon to save

Please note, the ‘Bank details’ section on ENgage will display an orange stripe under the ‘Accept Online’ column, once the payment has been verified. (This takes approximately one hour after adding the bank details)

In order to invite a club to join your league on ENgage, please follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to ENgage
  2. In the ‘My Organisations’ box, select the thumbnail next to your organization’s name
  3. Select the 9 tiles at the top right-hand corner of the screen
  4. Click ‘Team Management’
  5. Select ‘Invite a club’
  6. Enter the name of the club in the ‘Name’ field
  7. Select the magnifying glass icon
  8. Click on the club that you wish to invite
  9. Select ‘Save’

If the clubs accepts your invite, you will be notified through an automatic email.

In order to assist you with managing your league, our free competition tool on ENgage will help you to complete multiple tasks easily, such as checking athletes membership status and adding and editing fixtures.

We have 3 user guides specifically for this section on Engage.

Firstly, please click here to learn more about the competition tool and complete part 1 of the process.

Then follow our template set-up instructions for match cards and score cards here or to view our guidance on creating a competition, click here.

You can achieve a professional aesthetic for your league website with our customisable options and a time-saving feature that auto-populates information from ENgage. For a user guide on how to set-up and edit a League ENgage website, click here.

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