ENgage Help Centre

If you would like to become an England Netball member, please follow our checklist, here.

Accessing ENgage & Linking to a Club/County

To start the process of becoming a personal member of a club or county, you need to have an account in our netball management system, ENgage and then link to the organisation.

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Buying a Membership Package or 2nd Claim Membership

Guidance on how to purchase a membership package or 2nd claim on ENgage!

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Additional Functions in ENgage

Want to do more in ENgage, maybe change your contact details or add your role as a umpire? The below FAQs have all the how-to knowledge!

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Membership Package Types & Age Bands

Unsure of which membership package is suitable for you or maybe you think you are being offered incorrectly aged membership packages? Our below FAQs will provide all of the answers!

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ENgage User Guides

Our easy to follow 'How-to' guides will help you make the most of ENgage!

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