New rules for the new season!

The new season is fast approaching and with 2016/17 comes brand new rules!

As the new rules come in to place, so does a new Rules & Updates page on the Officiating section of our website – but these aren’t just for officials, they’re for all of us!

That’s why we’ve created categories to explain what the new rules mean for you, whatever your role in netball.

You can find the following sections on the new page:

In the ‘What does it mean to you?’ section you can find information relevant to all the following people involved in netball:

  • League and Event Organisers
  • Clubs
  • Players/Coaches
  • Umpires
  • Team Manager
  • Teacher

PLUS you can view the full list of new rules for 2016 on the INF Website.

Take a look at the Rules & Updates page HERE and find out what the new rules mean to you!

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