Netball Family helps netball #RiseAgain.

As we pass 10,000 membership supporters, we look at the support from our Netball Family towards the #RiseAgain campaign.

Over the last few months, the thought of getting back on court was at the forefront of the Netball Family’s mind. Amazingly we can now start to play again through the modified version of the game but while netball was absent there have been other ways that people have shown their love and passion for the sport.

Over the past week, since we launched our #RiseAgain campaign, more than 10,000 of you have pledged your membership to England Netball to help the sport get back on court. Some of the responses we’ve had from players, umpires, parents, the Vitality Roses, have made us feel proud of everyone involved in this sport, again and again.

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“For every day that we’ve been kept apart from our teammates and the incredible game we all love, we have been dreaming of the day that we can celebrate being together again,” said Cliftonettes Netball Club, who have supported England Netball’s #RiseAgain campaign.

Meanwhile, lots of members of the North-West Netball Family – everyone from Ellie Cardwell to our Netball Development Officer, Rachel Towell – have come together to explain what netball has meant to them, and given their reasons for supporting England Netball’s membership.

“If you could bottle the euphoria of CWG Gold or VNWC2019, how much would you pay for it?” says Jill Walker. “I ask myself what has netball brought to my life and can I put a price on that? It’s priceless, but it’s certainly worth my affiliation fee, that’s for sure. For me, it’s more than a game. It’s the netball family I’ve gained.”

It was a sentiment echoed by Nic Cassidy, who added: “Let’s all come together at this time of need… Help England Netball to continue to provide the sport we love.”

We’ve also loved the creative ways people have shared their commitment to England Netball.

“Just renewed my England Netball membership. Offset by the £10 I’ll save on my Eat out to Help out dinner later this week to do my bit and make sure netball can #RiseAgain,” says Robyn Rogers.

Our Facebook page was littered with wonderful comments from our avid supporters, including Sarah Cottrell who said: “Here if you need England Netball, supporting you to help us get back stronger and rise again!”

And it’s not just younger players or those new to the game who are our biggest supporters, with multiple Honorary Life Members pledging their support too.

“I was more than happy to pay my membership as an Honorary Life Member, and the full amount. If we really love netball then we must support our sport,” said Janet Wrighton. Cheryl Danson commented “Ditto Janet. I am an HLM and I paid my full membership fee. I love my netball and will do everything I can to see netball ‘rise again’,”, with Cheryl Dewhirst adding: “Like Cheryl and Janet, as a life member I have also paid in full, we all need to help wherever we can, netball will #riseagain.”

And perhaps the final word has to go to Gabrielle Towell who, amongst a raft of lovely comments of why she’s paid her membership, sums it up nicely with: “A small price to pay to support the sport that’s more than just a game.”

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Written by Lucy Higgins

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