Physical Potential

Physical Potential

Netball is a game played at high intensity, where athletes perform large volumes of accelerations, changes of directions, jumps and landings. On the international stage, athletes must be prepared to play with unrelenting intensity in back-to-back matches and continue to deliver world-class performances at the later stages of competition.

Physical potential describes an athlete equipped with the physical ability to perform on court. Athletes with high levels of physical potential can maximize and sustain their impact quarter on quarter and beyond, as well as endure the demands of regular training.

Physical potential can be understood as the movement skills and physical qualities required to play the game. Collectively, these abilities support athletes to deliver peak performance, executing technical skills and tactical strategies with a greater effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Movement skills describe an athlete’s ability to move effectively in all directions, with the control, efficiency, and accuracy required. A wide and proficient foundation of movement skills accelerates the adoption of Netball specific skills, supports creativity and diversity on court as well as supporting effective training off court.
  • Physical qualities relate to the components of fitness required by Netballers, including strength, speed, power, and endurance. The development of an athlete’s physical qualities increases their intensity, sustainability, and repeatability of performance on court. Allowing them to jump higher, run faster and for longer.

Coaches and support staff must work backwards from the game to identify and develop the movement skills and physical qualities that underpin performance on court. Through the planning and completion of a progressive and balanced training schedule, athletes can enhance their physical potential, reduce their risk of injury, and increase their availability for training and games.



The aim of the physical potential pillar is to maximize the number of physical prepared athletes and elevate the level intensity of competition at each stage of the player pathway. The pillar will outline the physical abilities required to perform on court and provide age and stage appropriate guidance on how to appropriately develop physical potential throughout the player pathway.

Additionally, to support the development of knowledgeable, informed, and self-reliant athletes and coaches, we will provide a variety of learning opportunities in critical areas related to physical potential. We aim to provide comprehensive, inter-disciplinary answers to the important questions asked by athletes and their support network including but not limited to:

  • Preparing to perform on court
  • Managing training and competition schedules
  • Recovery from training and competition
  • Managing injury and the return to performance
  • Supporting female athletes


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