Walking Netballers step onto the court for their 100th session

Andrea Morris and Karen Bunce from Hereford recently celebrated attending their 100th Walking Netball session!

67-year-old Andrea hadn’t picked up a netball since her school days, but three years ago she came across a leaflet for a Walking Netball session, which was due to start in her area.

After attending the first session at Hereford Leisure Centre, which was ran by Lindsay Hacking; the Netball Development Officer for Herefordshire & Worcestershire, Andrea was hooked. Now 100 sessions later, she’s already looking forward to the next 100…

She said: “I remember I was so excited to get started at Walking Netball. The last time I had played was for my school netball team, which I remember loving, so it was great to find an option for me to get back into it again now in my sixties.

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“I have enjoyed every single one of my 100 sessions because the people are so friendly and we have great fun playing together. Our group continues to expand, which is great to see. I can’t believe where the time has gone now that I have attended 100 sessions – I’m already looking forward to the next 100!”

Karen started her Walking Netball journey on the same day as Andrea back in 2016. She said: “Hitting my fifties and having gone through a sticky patch with work and caring for my adolescent son who was experiencing anxiety and depression, I was going through quite a tough time until Walking Netball came to Hereford.

“I was quite unfit and wanted to lose weight and having loved netball in my younger days I thought I’d give it a go after seeing a flyer for it in the leisure centre. It’s been an absolute godsend, not only for the exercise but for meeting a great bunch of new friends and finding some ‘me time’. The first Walking Netball session was an important event in my life, I have loved every minute since so it’s great to make it to my 100th session.

“It is difficult to think back to a time when Walking Netball wasn’t an essential part of my week, I have made so many friends, revived some old skills and gained new ones. I hope the friends I have made at Walking Netball know how much I appreciate them, and Lindsay who has been the best host melding us into a pretty good bunch of players with her ever encouraging, supportive, approachable and happy manner.”

Lindsay, who hosts the Walking Netball session, surprised the duo with balloons and bubbly to mark reaching this significant milestone in their netball journey.

Lindsay added: “It has been such a privilege to see both Andrea and Karen build in confidence both on and off the court, they bring lots of energy and fun to these Walking Netball sessions and I really enjoy spending time with them on the court. I was keen to acknowledge their commitment to the sport and love for Walking Netball in some way as it’s such a fantastic achievement to have made it to 100 sessions – congratulations to them both. I can’t wait to see them reach their 200th session!”


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