WE ARE ONE: EN Membership

ONE Team. ONE Family. ONE Membership. Together, WE ARE ONE.

Netball groups that are registered with EN are powered by a team of incredible volunteers who work with EN – as ONE – to create extraordinary netball experiences for members. That’s right, we’re referring to you!

As a registered netball group, this year you have exclusive access to the WE ARE ONE membership assets – brand new for the 2023-2024 season. These assets can be used to tell the world that your experiences are registered with EN, whilst using the WE ARE ONE message to capture the essence of community that we know is special in our sport.

So what are you waiting for, download the assets available in the toolkit below to raise your profile, promote membership and spread the joy of being part of the Netball Family for the 2023-2024 season!

For support with anything membership related, you can contact our Customer Experience team here.

WE ARE ONE - Promotional and Recruiting Images and Tools

These images have been designed to help you recruit new volunteers, officials or welcome new players.

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WE ARE ONE – Seven Benefits of having an EN Membership

We’ve designed these images to help you showcase the top seven benefits of having an EN Membership and help you shout loud and proud about it!

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WE ARE ONE: 2023-2024 Membership Benefits

Members unlock access to extraordinary netball experiences, including playing opportunities with registered netball clubs and registered netball leagues, as well as access to development pathways to help level up their game. No matter where you are on your netball journey, WE ARE ONE, with EN Membership.

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