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What will the Roses Development Framework do?

What will the Roses Development Framework do?

  • Provide direction, information and support for coaches and selectors to help in the identification, development and preparation of the most talented athletes so that the Roses can achieve their long-term performance ambitions.
  • Enable us to achieve systematic excellence by providing a consistent approach, a shared understanding and a common language amongst all stakeholders, aligned to the long-term ambitions of the Roses.
  • Promote quality experiences and support to ensure that the best players have the opportunity to thrive and excel in international competition for the Roses and elite level domestic competition for their clubs.
  • Set out what we would expect a developing player to be able to achieve by the end of every stage of development based upon their progression towards being a successful international netballer.
  • Consider the optimal training and competitive programmes and experiences that can best enable players to make progress between stages.
  • Provide guidance on the talent principles that underpin pathway delivery at each stage and set out what coaching and support players need at every stage of their development.

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