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Why do we need the Roses Development Framework?

Why do we need the Roses Development Framework?

The Roses Development Framework (RDF) is designed to support future Roses to maximise their potential on their journey through the player pathway. We aim to help more athletes attain and sustain greater levels of success, aligned to the long-term ambitions of the Roses team.

The Framework aims to ensure a consistent level of high-quality support is available to all athletes, in any area of the country, who have the potential to progress through the player pathway.

We recognise the importance of an informed and knowledgeable athlete and support network, and the need to provide guidance and support to the critical stakeholders in a young player’s developmental journey.

The Framework is driven by our understanding of what it takes to win at the Roses level and the ‘Roses Way’. To ensure our future Roses are prepared for the specific demands of international netball, it is vital their developmental journey builds the skills and abilities required.

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