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Tier 4 guidance

Following the latest Government measures which see more areas of the country move into Tier 4, the following has been confirmed in relation to community sport:

  • Indoor community sports facilities will close
  • Adult activity is only permitted with others within your household, support bubble, or with one other person from another household
  • Organised outdoor netball for under 18s and disabled people is allowed

A link to the full list of which areas are in which Tier can be found on the Government website here.

Tier 1 – 3 guidance

On Wednesday 2 December 2020 the national lockdown was lifted and all areas of the country were placed in either Tier 1, 2 or 3 at that time. In these Tiers, some netball activity can still resume, there are however some key changes to the guidance from Government that must be adhered to as well as an increased emphasis being placed on specific areas of the initial restart guidance.

Return to play guidance


  • This guidance should be applied based on where players live rather than where their netball activity is based.
  • The initial restart guidance and COVID-19 rule modifications must continue to be adhered to and all netball organisations still require a COVID-19 Officer and to have a risk assessment and risk mitigation plan in place which is regularly reviewed.

Indoor and outdoor venues

  • For those over 18, most netball activity will need to take place at outdoor venues for both training and competition.
  • Under 18s are exempt from any indoor restrictions.
  • In tier 1, any indoor activity for those over 18 must be organised into discrete ‘bubbles’ of 6 that must not mix and must be socially distanced on the indoor court.

Under 18’s and people with disabilities

  • The latest Government guidance description of an under 18, is all those that were under 18 on 31/08/2020.
  • Under 18s and those with disabilities are exempt from the restrictions placed on indoor venues and travel between tiers.
  • Careful consideration should be given to travel arrangements as sharing lifts outside of household bubble is not permitted. Any adult can transport an under 18 to the activity, but those from tier 3 must remain in their vehicle.

Travel across tiers

  • Those within tier 3 are unable to travel out of their area and those from tier 1 and tier 2 are unable to travel into a tier 3 area for training or competition. Under 18s and those with disabilities are exempt from this and are able to travel to organised netball activity.
  • The list of areas by tier page has now been updated on the government website here and each bullet point should be seen as a distinct area.
  • Coaches, officials and volunteers responsible for facilitating netball activity for under 18s are permitted to travel between tiers.
  • Where possible, in line with Government guidance, travel of those in tier 2 should be limited where possible.

Schools, University and College Netball

  • Netball in school (both curriculum and extra-curricular) is exempt from additional restrictions as it will be for those under 18.
  • Netball within colleges and universities is exempt from the indoor restrictions if part of curriculum (e.g. for a Sports Studies course).
  • Extra-curricular netball is NOT exempt in colleges and universities and as such should follow guidance for community netball for over 18s. This includes both training and competition.
  • Netball organisations e.g. netball clubs, who hire school sites, are not exempt from any additional restrictions unless the activity is for those under 18 or those with disabilities.

Test & Trace

The latest Government guidance clarifies the requirement of all sport with regards to Test & Trace.

  • Sports activities (including netball) must use the NHS Test & Trace scheme and all venues are required by law to display a QR code and request attendees check in.
  • Netball participants must adhere to this and check in at every session.
  • Netball organisations are no longer required to do their own test & trace procedures using ENgage but accurate attendance registers (including any coaches, officials and volunteers) must be maintained to support in case required. This should be completed for both training and competition.

Social distancing

It is incredibly important that when not involved in the netball activities on court all participants and attendees remain social distanced (2m apart).

  • This includes during arrival and departure at sessions.
  • U18s are NOT exempt from social distancing and it is noted that this group need more regular reminders.
  • Netball organisations must consider key tactics to ensure social distance is maintained; this could include use of socially distanced cones as ‘stations’ for each participant, increased signage and reminders regularly within sessions including at each sanitisation break.

Compliance with guidance and managing breaches

As part of the latest Government guidance and permission for team sport to restart, there is an increased emphasis on ensuring compliance and like in other areas of society, stronger management of this.

  • Any initial concerns should be shared with COVID-19 Officer, Safeguarding Officer or another appropriate committee member/staff member.
  • For persistent and intentional breaches performed by England Netball members, a complaint may be submitted and this will be managed in line with England Netball disciplinary regulations found here.
  • For organisations that are not members of England Netball, the following steps will be followed:
    • Contact will be made by an England Netball Partnership Manager to highlight specific breaches.
    • Formal written notification will be given of any persistent and intentional breaches.
    • Ongoing persistent breaches may be reported to local Health & Safety Executive and Local Authority for action. This activity, if appropriate will also be removed from the England Netball netball activity finder.

If you have any questions regarding the updated guidance, please visit our help centre.

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